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I am a former reporter and have a PR agency background, so my approach to media relations is different than most. I believe in thinking outside the box, pitching selectively and in a customized way, and making my clients part of conversations and trends (though we all love a good profile piece as well!). I also strongly adhere to a policy of being honest with clients about what will and won’t work in order to save time and money, and to keep their reputation with members of the media intact. As a sole practitioner, I specialize in media and PR consulting for small businesses and startups and provide both full-service retainer services and training or project-based services.

Publicity & Media Relations Services Include:

  • PR Planning and Media Outreach
  • Media Training for Executives and Interviewees
  • Press Release Writing and Distribution
  • Crisis/Reactive Outreach 
If you’re looking to do your own PR and media outreach, I can provide you with the appropriate media lists, pitch ideas, writing packages, media training and more. I enable my clients to market themselves and speak with the media on their own. Contact me to discuss PR pitch packages and training on a project basis.

My media relations experience runs the gamut, from the tech and business press to entertainment to the wedding press. Below, three campaigns with links to the results.

The Gloucester 18 (documentary film)
As the producer of this film, I worked on the media relations and marketing campaign 
around its premiere. My efforts received the attention of local press as well as national placement on The O’Reilly Factor on Fox News. Aside from pitching, I also did interviews for print, radio, and television, an experience that helps me train (and sympathize with!) my clients in media relations. Here are the results of the campaign. Media outlets include WBUR, WGBH, The Boston Globe, The Boston Herald, and many others.

GoodTwo (startup eCommerce company)
I helped launch the fundraising platform 
GoodTwo and have assisted with media outreach from Day One. Our campaigns have been both pre-planned and reactive, often taking advantage of the trends and news within our industry as an opportunity to get our point of view and name out. Results of our campaigns can be found on GoodTwo’s press page. Media outlets include Mashable, The Boston Globe, The Boston Herald, The Miami Herald and many others.

Wedding Photography Press
Media relations for a wedding photographer is slightly different and mostly visual. In this capacity, I work on picking out weddings that will fit the looks and feels of particular wedding blogs and print outlets, keeping track of deadlines, responding to calls for “Real Wedding” submissions and following up/developing relationships with editors. The primary goal for this client was to increase his exposure and profile, and within one year I placed his weddings in prominent outlets like: Boston Weddings,,  
New Hampshire Brides, Southern New England Weddings, and Bride & Groom.

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